A favorite view on the climb up Mount Penn along Angora Road. With iconic destinations nearby such as Skyline Drive and the Pagoda, the Fire Tower, the ultimate of local mountain bike trails including the A-Line... The more you look, the more you see and sometimes, maybe more than you wanted to see will be revealed among the layers of history and decay - organic and otherwise. Here at the triangle of Japanese Maples, I painted en plein air over the past days. I found a stone structure uphill from the site and set up my easel and tools on this elevated platform where I could better keep off the road. This rare, warm November wave seemed too precious not to take full advantage of! In those few short days, the amount of color in the leaves has shifted drastically and many have fallen - so take this time right now and get outside! Appreciate every day and the magic it has to offer - let the tides pull you where your soul longs to be!

Hidden Gems of Penn