I remember it was a sunny afternoon in late Spring. I was working as a seasonal hire for Esbenshade's Greenhouse in Fleetwood and I was putting the new shipment of plants out with my co-worker. 

A rather bright and inquisitive young lady was she, who carried on some of the realest, wildest, most philosophical conversations with me as we worked. One of her observations that struck me was when she described how a woman's face in the throes of an intense orgasm looked the same as a woman's face in the agony of labor. 

I decided to take this well-fermented idea and bring it to light on my first ever triangle canvas. It felt highly appropriate to use the apex downward triangle considering the context of its inspiration, as this shape has long been recognized as a symbol of feminine power. 

In this most sacred place, we house our emotions, traumas, lovers, pain,  connections, scars, memories, origins, children, dreams, magic, beauty, power...

So, I ask you vagina having people: what resides in your womb-space?

Passion and Pain Look Quite the Same